This Is The Official
Checklist For The

Please ensure that you have everything needed in order to have EVERYTHING NEEDED to complete your marketing funnel system.

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • TWO Good Photos For Your Footer And About Me

  • Footer Bio - SHORT

  • About Me BIO - Kinda Medium/Long

  • Complete Social Media Links (The Big 5 If You Have Them) Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram

  • *Optional - Affiliate Program Links For The 4 Affiliate Programs TTWAU Offers

  • *Optional - Code For The Side Widget

  • Your Team Community Social Link(s). Either Telegram or Facebook. This is your personal team or team leader that you are under that conducts regular support/webinars for your people.

  • Your Official "REGISTRATION LINK" For Your Business Opportunity

  • Your Contact Number For Members To Reach You

  • Your Team Name (choose a fun/professional name) - Your funnel will be built using your "Team Name". That will be the official funnel name and the official URL you will see on all your pages. PLEASE GIVE US (3) CHOICES.